North Womens Lacrosse

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue
L 23/09/17
02:00 PM
Heaton Mersey vs Brooklands Heaton Mersey
L 30/09/17
02:00 PM
Brooklands vs Leeds Brooklands
L 07/10/17
02:00 PM
Liverpool vs Brooklands Liverpool
L 21/10/17
02:00 PM
Brooklands vs Mellor Brooklands
L 28/10/17
02:00 PM
Norbury vs Brooklands Norbury
L 04/11/17
02:00 PM
Brooklands vs Oxton Brooklands
L 11/11/17
02:00 PM
Stockport vs Brooklands Stockport
L 25/11/17
02:00 PM
Brooklands vs Stoke Brooklands
L 09/12/17
02:00 PM
Timperley vs Brooklands Timperley
L 16/12/17
02:00 PM
Brooklands vs Heaton Mersey Brooklands
L 13/01/18
02:00 PM
Leeds vs Brooklands Leeds
L 20/01/18
02:00 PM
Brooklands vs Liverpool Brooklands
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